Phone: 814-337-8400 • Fax: 814-333-6685
Phone: 814-337-8400 • Fax: 814-333-6685
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Welcome to Talbar Inc., Talbar Inc. is a full service Tooling and Precision Machining Company specializing in close tolerance machining of a wide range of materials including:

• Tool Steels
• Aluminum
• Carbide
• Thermoplastic

One of our core competencies is hard milling. Machining of various tools steels and stainless steel alloys up to 62 rockwell. Our hard milling centers have a work envelope of 20″ X 40″ and we are capable of machining with cutters as small as .2 mm in diameter. Our high performance milling centers and Rigofix tool holding system enable us to guarantee feature size and location on all hard milling to be within .0002.

We are the organization of choice for quality tooling, precision machining and assemblies where ingenuity, reliability and consistent performance for our customers is our mission. We separate ourselves from our competition by creating solutions for our customers with our innovative engineering support for design and manufacturability with emphasis on cost effective processing. We achieve this with our commitment to use the latest in machine tool technology and a staff of talented people.